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UR Armour Corporation is a high-quality manufacturer specializing in the research and development of police and military equipments in China.

UR Armour has two divisions: BA police equipment and Qinyi E&T. BA Police Equipment produces equipment such as police batons, riot shields, riot helmets, anti-riot suits, road blocks, tactical vests and bulletproof equipment. Qinyi E&T handles the exporting of all police products. BA Police Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is ISO9001 and ISO 14000 compliant.

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UR Armour Corporation located in Jiangsu, as the leading city of police and military equipments, has the most mantured developed manfacturing chains. Our designers and managements team have rich experience and talent skills.

UR Armour is the one who could meet all your requirements. we are well qualified to be a partner at any stage of tender process and sales process. Through the years, we have earned a reputation for dependability and quality by concentrating on customer requirements.

We has established long-term cooperation with the security departments, SWAT and STF departments of Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bangladesh and other countries. We are pround of the reputation we’ve bulit up over the time for perfomance, reliablility and service.

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